1986: The Beginning

1986: The Beginning

Vulcan Engineering - The Beginning

On a particularly non eventful day in the UK and whilst travelling past the Sheffield City Hall that supports the statue of Vulcan, a budding entrepreneur, Gerry Quinn, had a flash of inspiration that would change his life.

A University Graduate and already employed in the Sealing Industry, he there and then decided to establish his own company and develop products compatible for the niche market of Single Spring Mechanical Seals.

The rest as they say is history, with the creation in 1986 of Vulcan Engineering Limited. From very early days, the company differentiated itself from other suppliers by developing the “whole” package, from initial product concept and design, to total in-house manufacture, to storage and distribution, all self-managed and controlled and we continue in this way today but now very much automated and electronic.

Our innovation and ethos to provide only the best service is now increasingly recognised not only within the UK, where our original customer base developed and increasingly the USA, but also worldwide and into every continent.