Gland Packing


TEFCAN is manufactured from 100% Expanded PTFE which is highly compressible and provides excellent sealability.  This Expanded P.T.F.E. Gasketing is available in Sheet, Gasket Tape or Cord form for use in a broad range of applications.

The exceptional properties of PTFE, combined with the unique nature of its expanded structure, contribute to the long life of seals made with TEFCAN.  PTFE is completely unaffected by virtually all chemicals and corrosive environments.  TEFCAN will not contaminate flow products nor deteriorate with age.

Tefcan Universal Joint Sealant is manufactured as a continuous cord, with a self-adhesive backing strip. This unique, expanded PTFE cord conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces.  Compressing into a thin, wide ribbon, it produces a tough, inert, long-lasting gasket that seals against extremes of temperatures, pressures and corrosive media.

Tefcan Sheet Gasketing is manufactured from pure expanded PTFE, drawn into a homogeneous sheet of uniform thickness, offering exceptional superior sealability.

The Gasket Tape provides the same material and sealing benefits as Tefcan Sheet but is in a continuous strip form, available in a range of widths and thicknesses.  Tefcan Gasket Tape combines the advantages of Tefcan Universal Joint Sealant and Sheet Gasketing to form cut full-face, or strip sheet, gaskets with minimal waste.